2. Burn wound dressing

2. Burn wound dressing
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2. Burn wound dressing 2. Burn wound dressing 2. Burn wound dressing

     SIZE                      PER BOX
20 cm. X 14 cm.            5 pcs
20 cm. x 28 cm.            5 pcs

           Blue sheet membrane is primary wound dressing for burn or scald wound produced by Duo-Nano Technology. It is made from Nanobiocellulose coated with Blue Silver Nanoplates. Nanobiocellulose can apply to dry, necrotic wound to promote autolytic debridement and also promote tissue granulation. The silver ions released from Blue Silver Nanoplates provide antimicrobial action to protect the wound. BluMembrane is a large dressing with gentle touch to wound bed and allows easy and painless removal with no residue left in the wound. Exudate can be passed through dressing pore.

In the management of burn and scald wound.

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